What makes Speed the need of the hour?

With increase in competition, every organization wants to hire the right candidate who can add value to their organization and are in complete sync with the organization goals. Sometimes the inhouse HR executives finds it extremely challenging to reach to the right candidate and extract the right information during the hiring process. Therefore, recruitment agencies play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the employer and employee. Similarly, organizations are looking at fresh talents to join their companies, but sourcing candidates from the right university is also important. Thus, making it extremely difficult for organizations to choose the right recruitment partner and academic institutions. In this bargain of choosing the right, recruitment agencies and academic institutions find it challenging in securing the right clients as striking a meeting is not that easy, some people spend hours, days and months to meet the right decision makers. Through this speed connect activity we act a reckoner in easing the gap between the recruitment agencies / academics and the organizations.

Who should participate in the speed connect?

  • Recruitment Firms
  • Academics Institutions / Universities

Join us for the most dynamic HR conference of the year as we now move to 3 cities – Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai with the crème-de-la-crème audiences. Gain insights from the leaders directly on some thought-provoking topics and unique opportunities to network with the HR ecosystem.

  • Educational Institutes
  • A great opportunity for Academic Institutions to pitch to Corporate to empanel them as

    Academic Partner
  • Corporate
  • A 'never before' opportunity for recruitment agency to pitch before Corporate to empanel them as

    Agency Partner
  • Agency Partner