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The modern workplace has changed and HR executives are now at the forefront of this new world. As businesses struggled to recover from the cultural and economic impact of COVID-19, HR Leaders have faced a new set of challenges, from transitioning into the new hybrid world while maintaining culture and innovation to engaging this in an equitable way. We at Sapphire Connect believe that every HR leader and CHRO plays a critical role in driving organizations through various challenges. Thus, to create fairness in the workplace, we must rethink the entire HR in the organization and how all HR processes and systems work together. Given this, Sapphire Connect is glad to announce the 3rd Edition of ReThink HR Conclave 2022-23 centered on the theme “Embracing Change & Transformation: Work, Workforce & Workplace”.

Upcoming Trends in HR

Tapping Skills Anywhere, anytime through Upskilling and Cross-Skilling

Managing the employees as ONE Workforce

Creating new opportunities and integrating an extended workforce in the gig economy

Disrupting HR, embarking on the digital journey

Reconfiguring the Global Talent Landscape through retention and right hiring

Building an Agile Organization through HR

HR Must Navigate Risk and Privacy in a More Complex World

HR to Deliver Seamless Employee Experiences

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